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Enrollment for Katowice, Kraków, Wrocław

What is Maple Bear?

Maple Bear is the largest and the fastest growing educational network in the world. Maple Bear is a world leader in bilingual education, offering high-quality Early Childhood, Elementary and High School education based on the best practices that rank Canadian education among the best in the world. Maple Bear schools provide a student-centered learning program in a safe and stimulating environment that instills a passion for life-long learning.
Katowice, Kraków, Wrocław


Enrollment for kindergarten and elementary school in Katowice, Kraków and Wroclaw has started! Learn more about our facilities.

Why Canadian education?

In OECD rankings, Canada’s education system ranks #1 in English speaking countries and consistently ranks among the best in the world.

In 2018, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) ranked Canada #1 in the English-speaking world in science, math and reading. As in 2012, 2015, and again in 2018, Canada maintained strong performance and outperformed other English-speaking countries in all three evaluations.

We believe in the joy of learning

If children can love learning and continue to love learning throughout school and throughout their lives then they will be successful and fulfilled.

Maple Bear Teachers

All teachers in Polish Maple Bear Schools and Kindergartens undergo a very demanding recruitment process with the involvement of Canadian experts. Before they become part of our team, they must prove that they meet all the highest requirements set for teachers in schools in Canada. That’s why our teaching staff consists of exceptional individuals, as confirmed by parents’ and children’s feedback. Their daily work makes Maple Bear a unique, friendly, and safe place where children can develop their full potential.

What we offer to global parents?

Maple Bear schools offer full Canadian bilingual teaching methodologies & strategies utilizing Canadian and local curriculum in the educational process. Maple Bear brings only the best of Canadian education: full immersion of the child in the English-speaking environment, innovation, care, a thorough approach to learning and personal development. Maple Bear is Canadian methodology combined with local curriculum.

Unique quality education

Maple Bear has built its global reputation for quality. Everything is designed for excellence in education, from building state of the art facilities to interior design and furnishings. Bright and spacious classrooms are organized to reflect active engagement in the learning process. The curriculum and resources are consistent among all the Maple Bear schools. Our teachers are provided with training on curriculum and strategies on an ongoing basis by very experienced highly qualified educators from Canada.

Advantages of Maple Bear

The Maple Bear program is student focused and ensures that students are safe physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. The program engages, challenges and involves students in their learning with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills and problem-solving skills that are necessary for success in the 21st century.
  • Curious: Passionate about knowledge and learning.
  • Confident: Deeply aware of their talents and potential.
  • Independent: Prepared to lead their own lives, and decide their own paths and destiny.
  • Analytical: Able to think freely & shape their ownbeliefs.
  • Flexible: Adaptable in a world where change is theonly constant.
  • Creative: Always motivated and enthusiastic about asking “what if?”
  • Prepared: In possession of the knowledge and tools necessary for an outstanding performance at college, artwork and in life, in their home country or abroad.
  • Global: Bilingual and culturally literate for a global future.

Global Presence

Maple Bear combines the best of Canadian educational practices to bring Canadian bilingual nursery, primary and high school education to students around the world.


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Frequently asked questions

What teaching methodology is applied at Maple Bear?

Following studies that point out that the construction of knowledge in a practical way is more efficient and lasting, the Canadian teaching methodology encourages creativity, research, experimentation, discovery, problem solving, decision making, the willingness to run intellectual risks and information sharing. 

The goal is to have autonomous students, adaptable to the changes of a modern world, and truly passionate about learning. At Maple Bear, the concept of holistic education is also practiced, which promotes the child’s whole development in the intellectual, emotional, social and physical areas.

Bilingualism through complete immersion in English throughout early childhood education is another pillar of the Maple Bear methodology. In this way, students learn the second language naturally, just like learning the native language.

How is Maple Bear different from an international school?

Maple Bear conforms to local education regulations, offering fully articulated local curricula in addition to the Canadian program. This opens up many more educational options for Maple Bear students: they are prepared and capable of moving easily between the Canadian system offered by Maple Bear and their own country’s system and can do so at any time during the K-12 years. They are also prepared for entry into a university at home as well as abroad if they so choose and are not tied to just one system.

Up to what age is it possible to join Maple Bear?

It is highly recommended that students enter the Maple Bear program in Early Years to benefit from the Immersion second language program and Maple Bear strategies.

Will children with no prior English language knowledge will be able to understand instructions and participating in activities in English?

The Maple Bear methodology is designed in such a way so that the language is not an obstacle between children and their needs and desires, but, on the contrary, a path that helps them achieve their goals. Particularly noteworthy is the use of demonstrations, presentation of images and objects and guiding children throughout the activities. The teachers will always visually follow up on requests and guidelines, so that the connection between words and meanings can be assimilated immediately. This allows, over time, to the child to build their vocabulary and linguistic structure in a smooth and natural way.

How does the teacher act if my child does not understand English? If the student speaks their native language in the classroom how will the teacher react?

At Maple Bear children are encouraged and motivated to learn, so that English does not become something unpleasant, as it might happen in some traditional teaching environments. Therefore, teachers offer students, through various resources, all the support so that the messages are actually understood, progressively evolving until the meanings are clear. It is normal for students to eventually use their native language or even mix words and structures of the two languages. Teachers, however, use English consistently with them, always exemplifying the correct way, so that, over time, students improve their use of the language and apply it in the appropriate context.

Do the children speak English or their native language among themselves?

Throughout their stay at Maple Bear, children start to associate the school environment with the use of English. Therefore, it is common for children to use this language even when in contact with each other and during periods dedicated to free activities. This is not, however, a requirement. It is worth mentioning that teachers will always prefer the use of English at any time, activity and interaction they make with students.

Why should the children wear uniforms in the Maple Bear classrooms?

There are many reasons why. Uniforms create a sense of belonging, support the creation of the team spirit, promote equality and contribute to a safe environment on trips. Also, children’s creativity is boosted on another level, other than choice of clothing.

Are Maple Bear teachers native English speakers?

Maple Bear has different nationalities, many of whom are native English speakers. However, being a native English speaker is not a requirement to become a teacher or a coordinator at our schools. The schools are supported by a Canadian Academic Director, who is a Canadian educator with extensive experience in the implementation and management of schools from Early Childhood education level to High School.